Tree Planting Event in Copperhill a Success

Added 19 Apr 2018

         n Tuesday, April 17th 2018 students of Ginger       

         Montgomery's ecology class at Copper Basin High School and the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation made history by successfully planting 50 blight-resistant American Chestnut tree hybrids at the former Copperhill Mine Site. The students planted the trees in a reclamation area that has been reclaimed using the Forestry Reclamation Approach.

The American Chestnut tree was nearly wiped out by a the spread of blight starting back in the early 1900s. Thankfully, the tree did not go entirely extinct and has since been cross-pollinated with a blight-resistant species.

On behalf of all of us at Copperhill Industries, we would like to thank all of the volunteers who showed their support at this event.

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Photo by Lauren Bearden, The News Observer

       ore than 30,000 hardwood trees will be planted on the site              of Copperhill Industries, located in Copperhill, TN, using the Forest Reclamation Approach. We are excited to partner with The Coal Creek Watershed Foundation in the planting of American Chestnut Hybrids that are resistant to a blight that devastated American Chestnut Trees throughout the US.


   American Chestnut covered the eastern United States more than a century ago with an estimated 4 billion trees. A fast-growing tree and having rot-resistant wood, it was used for many purposes by early settlers.  The nuts of the tree were used to fatten livestock and were a source of food for wildlife. Unfortunately, once blight began to spread, the American Chestnut was wiped out in less than forty years.


   Thankfully, the tree did not go entirely extinct. The roots of some trees survived and sprouted, and thus has enabled the cross-pollination of the American Chestnut with blight-resistant species creating blight-resistant hybrids.


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American Chestnut Trees to be planted in Copperhill

Added 15 Feb 2018

Pictured from left are Carol Moore and Barry Thacker of The Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, Nathan Haynes of Copperhill Industries, and Dave Turner of TDEC.