Environmental Reclamation

     Copperhill Industries is actively working on the environmental restoration of the Copper Basin Site. The site had been ravaged by over 100 years of copper mining, clear cutting, acid rain, and chemical production. We are working to restore some of the denuded areas back to their original state. We have been using the Forestry Reclamation Approach to restore the area back to the forest it once was. We are working with the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation to re-introduce  the American Chestnut back to the region. We have planted over 30,000 native hardwoods on the site in the last 5 years, and continue to plant trees annually. We have projects ongoing, and will add photos as we continue to reclaim additional areas.

Carroll Hill

In 2010, Copperhill Industries, LLC began the reclamation at Carroll Hill from the legacy wastes generated from Tennessee Chemical Company ore processing.  Over many years, flu dust deposited on Carroll Hill and caused the native subsoil to be acidified.  Other waste material included copper reverts and large deposits of granular slag and other relic industrial waste. 


Carroll Hill’s natural steep slope terrain required terraces and overall slope reduction to reduce soil erosion.  The exposed native soil had very low pH 2.0 or lower.  This acidified soil created such a hostile environment that no pioneering species could establish.  Copperhill Industries used innovative reclamation techniques.  These included Forestry Reclamation Approach (FRA) for the establishment of a sustainable hardwood forest as a long-term reclamation a land feature on lower Davis Mill Creek.  In order to utilize FRA, soil preparation by deep ripping of soil to promote infiltration hydrology of water and nutrients.  This critical reclamation component is building of a viable soil layer by the land application of composted bio-solids from the City of Chattanooga.   The Carroll Hill project continues to thrive and provide improved wildlife habitats and water quality.  

Calcine Pit

Mud Flats

In 2010, Copperhill Industries, LLC began selling the Granulated Slag.  This iron rich material is a legacy by-product of mineral ore mined and smelted by Tennessee Chemical Company. Copperhill Industries excavates this product from waste deposits. The slag is screened and ready for loading and transport for cement manufacturing in Georgia and Tennessee facilities.  Copperhill Industries has sold on the average 50 thousands tons per year.   This recycling of waste for a beneficial re-use transforms this regulated waste to a non-regulated form after incorporation into cement.  The cement is used for construction as concrete. Copperhill Industries has approved work plans to reclaim Mud Flats per EPA Agreements.  This plan will use a similar technique that was used to reclaim Carroll Hill and the Calcine Pit.