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The Past

Historic Mining Site

Copper mining began in the Copper Basin area as early as 1843. By 1899, the Tennessee Copper Company was formed and purchased the mining rights to the area. They continued work in the area for nearly a century, with the final mine shutting down in 1987.


The Present

     In 2010, Copperhill Industries, LLC began selling the Granulated Slag.  This iron rich material is a legacy by-product of mineral ore mined and smelted by Tennessee Chemical Company. Copperhill Industries excavates this product from waste deposits. The slag is screened and ready for loading and transport for cement manufacturing in Georgia and Tennessee facilities.  Copperhill Industries has sold on the average 50 thousands tons per year.   This recycling of waste for a beneficial re-use transforms this regulated waste to a non-regulated form after incorporation into cement.  The cement is used for construction as concrete.


The Future

     Copperhill Industries is actively working on the environmental restoration of the Copper Basin Site. The site had been ravaged by over 100 years of copper mining, clear cutting, acid rain, and chemical production. We are working to restore some of the denuded areas back to their original state.

     We have been using the Forestry Reclamation Approach to restore the area back to the forest it once was. We are working with the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation to re-introduce  the American Chestnut back to the region. We have planted over 30,000 native hardwoods on the site in the last 5 years, and continue to plant trees annually.

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